Best-selling author and organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, published a guide called, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” which has set off an organizational frenzy around the world. In a nutshell, the “KonMari method,” consists of a two-pronged approach in which you begin by purging all of the items in your household that don’t bring you joy or are not of service to you anymore.

Once you have carefully narrowed it down to the few items that add value to your life, it’s time to decide how to arrange them. Kondo recommends...

At PowerPlus Tutoring, there is a large demand for math tutors - far exceeding that for any other subject. In light of such a high demand, we wondered why so many students were struggling in math. What was causing the deficiencies in math education?

In my experience working with students at all grade levels, I am continually surprised to see how underdeveloped their number sense is.  The majority of these students found 'mathematical thinking' to be a foreign concept. 

The focus on quantity (how many concepts are being cover...

At PowerPlus Tutoring, we frequently receive inquiries from parents with children who have learning disabilities.   Our philosophy is that each child requires a tutor tailored to that child's needs. 

PowerPlus Tutoring has educational advocates who can work with your family to design the most appropriate accommodations for your child. Advocates also help parents present these accommodations/modifications to the school in compelling ways by using research-based explanations. If your child has a select learning disabilit...

 Most students in their late elementary or early middle school years experience the challenges of transitioning from self-contained classrooms to departmentalized ones, using their lockers effectively, and managing competing demands.  These demands include things such as extra curricular activities, homework or student council involvement.  Some fifth grade students applying to private secondary schools have the added pressure of studying for standardized admission tests. 

If that’s not enough, all of these demand...

Practical organizational tips and study skills for the start of a new school year

While it’s not easy transitioning from the carefree days of summer to the stress of a new school year, investing time in organization will prove to be beneficial to your academic success and minimize your stress level. This year, I urge you to set yourself up for success by plugging it in, backing it up, and checking it off. Learn how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that students encounter with a little bit of forethought, time-management and...

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